Best Beach Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Beach Chairs 2020

Spending time on a favorite beach seems to be unrelaxing without a good beach chair.

This is perhaps the opinion of countless beach fans and picnic goers.

If you are one among them, you will surely invest in the best chair.

What you need to know is that not all such chairs are comfortable or durable.

To find the most durable and comfortable model, it is worth comparing the prosing chairs with your requirements.

This post will exactly help you to find the best beach chair that fit your needs.

Best Beach Chairs 2020:

1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair – Best with a Cooler

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair review 2019

This heavy-duty beach chair is known for its strong build and lightweight design, the mix of which can accommodate up to 300lbs.

The build is also durable with a rust-proof frame of aluminum and 600D polyester.

The comfort level is beyond satisfied with its ability to adjust within five poses of reclining. This also includes a flat pose.

The chair also comes with an integrated adjustable pillow for relaxing and contour molded armrests.

The lightweight body is foldable and a rubber carry handle facilitates easy lifting. Accessories include two big storage area with one being insulated, a cup holder, and a mobile phone holder.


Great fabric
Easy recline angle adjustment
Easy to carry
With cup holder, headrest, shoulder straps, and pockets


Not for frequent users
Back straps getting sandy

2. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Child's Outdoor Chair - Best Inexpensive Beach Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Child's Outdoor Chair review

This pretty looking chair is truly for kids of three and above. Made using a metal frame, it has a thick polyester material whose surface is flexible and washable.

The fortified edges prevent tear or fray post incessant use. The wide-grooved feet in plastic makes this chair ideal for indoor or outdoor use due to their great traction as well as protection.

The comfort level is just fine for your kids although there is no padding. The lightweight build makes it easy to fold the chair and put it inside its matching carry bag. The chair comes with a cup holder, which is a plus point.


Fun colors and designs
Easy to wash
Easy for your kid to fold and carry
Comes with cup holder and carry bag


No tilting back

3. Terralite Portable Camp Chair - Perfect For Outdoor Festivals, Camping, Beach & Backpacking

Terralite Portable Camp Chair - Perfect For Outdoor Festivals, Camping, Beach & Backpacking review

Consider this one if you are looking for the lightest beach chair even if it means to pay significantly more.

Made up of premium light materials, this 2lbs chair is highly portable and movable. However, at the same time, it is capable of accommodating up to 350lbs.

Its mesh bag easily packs it when folded for effortless carriage. The heavy-duty aluminum of aircraft-grade makes this lightest chair highly durable.

Moreover, the materials used to make this chair are rustproof. While the chair height is not that great, it will not drop into the sand due to its Terragrip feet.


Quick setup
Balancing technology
Compact when folded
Easy-to-wash fabrics


No cup holder

4. Frankford Umbrellas Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Oak Wood Beach Chair

Frankford Umbrellas Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Oak Wood Beach Chair review

Featuring a build of Canadian oakwood, this chair features high-quality materials to last for years. It has a marine-grade fabric that is resistant to stains, rusting, corrosion, fading, and water. Even stainless-steel fixture adds to the seat’s shelf life.

Further, the chair easily reclines in any of the integrated four sitting positions. You can easily move, fold, and carry this chair.

There is also no compromise with the comfort level. The credit goes to the separately sold footrest to enjoy while sitting comfortably.


Superb height
Resistant to rust and fade


A bit bulky
No headrest

5. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Chair

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Chair review

Accommodating up to 300lbs, this 7.9-inch chair is one of the best low beach chairs that is portable and foldable as well.

It comes with a big leg base due to which it stays stable amidst the dunes. The comfort level is also maximum due to the ventilating mesh back as well as the bottom, foam-wrapped armrests, and a cup holder.

The chair is also highly durable due to its frame made up of heavy-duty steel that is resistant to rusting.

Moreover, the material is armored to keep quick fraying or tearing away. Apart from quick opening and closing convenience, it is easy to fold and carry the chair in its own bag.


Low profile
Padded arms
Easy to fold


Less sturdy holder

6. Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Beach Chair

Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Beach Chair review

Accommodating up to 250lbs, this cost-effective and multi-purpose chair is an ideal lightweight and low-profile model for outdoor events such as camping and sports.

It is designed for optimal comfort with its durable as well as breathable fabric and padded armrests.

The fully collapsible frame dresses the fabric via aluminum rods. It is easy to move, fold, and carry this chair with the convenient shoulder straps.

Moreover, you can fit it into any car model. While there is no reclining facility, the chair is famous for its lasting ability.


Totally collapsible
Extremely lightweight
Easy to carry
Storage bag


No reclining or storage areas

7. Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair review

Regarded as one of the best beach chairs with canopy, this chair defends you from the UV rays. Thanks to the adjustable canopy that you can incline, put down, or lift.

Accommodating up to 225lbs, this chair has a good height too.

It is made using a non-rusting and non-corroding steel frame, 600D polyester resistant to water and stains, and powder coat finish to make it look tough yet appealing.

The overall weight is light due to which you can easily fold and relocate the chair using an ergonomic shoulder strap.


Good height
Cup holders on each arm
Useful pouch


Feels weighty when carried for long

8. Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler - Best High-End Chair 

Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler review

This one is the best High-End chair for those having a bad back. It reclines into five positions, which means you can easily get into a position that is good for your back while accommodating up to 240lbs.

The chair comes with cushioned armrests as well as a pillow. It also has a removable and adjustable headrest ensuring comfortable upright posture in any position.

The chair’s frame is made using rust-resistant aluminum, while its cover is breathable as well as durable.

Other features include zippered pockets with one being an insulated cooler, foldable holder, towel support bar, and a washable seat cover.


Collapsible into a backpack style
Cup holder
Double cool compartments


Heavy after packed

9. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair review

Accommodating up to 300lbs of weight, this is undoubtedly an all-weather chair. It has a steel frame coated with anti-rust and anti-corroding powder to make it durable and last for long.

Its comfort level is just perfect for elderly people who wish to sit for several hours. Thanks to its breathable polyester fabric that sustains the wanted comfortable feel across hours.

Further, a bungee-cord suspension system ensures that you relax optimally while in a lying pose.

The chair’s height is such that even an elderly can easily stand up. There is more than one reclining position, including full reclining and a complete laid-back position.

Further, a flexible movable headrest provides full head and back support.


Easily adjustable including headrest
Locking system
Cup holder


Rubbery plastic seat

10. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair review

Accommodating up to 250lbs of weight, this chair is known for its ultra-comfort level while sitting, lying, or taking a nap. The credit goes to the three movable hinges due to which reclining is a breeze.

In addition, a 3-way spinning umbrella defends your skin from the rays. It features metallic undercoating for providing eye as well as UPF 50+ protection.

This makes it one of the best beach chairs with a canopy. The lightweight steel build facilitates easy relocations as well as lasting durability.

Some more salient features include a removable footrest, a bottle opener, an insulated pouch, and a zippered pocket. The chair easily turns into a compact thing when folded to fit inside its own carry bag.


Easy setup
Intergard canopy and insulated pouch


Somewhat bulky to carry

What to Look for in the Best Beach Chair?

Selecting the best beach chair may not be as easy as you may think. This is because there are different types of such chairs available with distinct features and accessories. To make it easy, it is essential to consider the buying factors that allow choosing the most suitable chair for enjoying on a beach in summer.

Here are these factors to consider:

Height and Weight

This factor helps you to choose a low or high chair. The choice depends on your height and preference as well. A high model of 13” or more makes it easy for you to sit and get up, while a low model of 8” or less is for those who want to have their feet on the sand for playing.

You should also look for the weight rating prior to investing in any beach chair. This is because a few models have very low weight ratings due to which they are not ideal for adults.

Build Material

A beach chair can be made up of any of the following materials:

Wood as a classical option known for its resistance to solar heat but infamous for being a heavy weight.

Aluminum, as a widely used material due to its durability and lightweight aspects, although it absorbs solar heat and is vulnerable to damage if not handled with care.

Plastic, as a highly portable and lightweight option but is not durable or strong as the above two materials.

Heavy-duty nylon, as an ideal light material for inflatable models that are resistant to tears and scratches but get hot quickly by the sunrays.

Checkered gingham, as a classic material for frames woven over an aluminum frame for ensuring heavy-duty sustenance but uncomfortable for uncovered skin.

Resistance to Rust and Waterproof

Salty beach water is surely going to affect your chair negatively by tarnishing its metal body. Similarly, the harsh sunlight is going to take away its pretty look. Thus, it makes sense to look for a material that is resistant to rust and fading as well as is simultaneously waterproof.

Only such a chair can last for a long time. In most cases, a rust-proof layer is applied over the metal body. Thus, you can sit with the chair in water without any risk of deterioration.

Comfort Level

Well, there are different features of the beach chair to look for when it comes to maximizing comfort.

These are as follows:

Adjustable for changing your position to reclining or sitting upright.

An adjustable umbrella or a canopy for protection from UV rays, wind, and rain.

High-Back design for spending several hours with support for back and neck and transforming into a lounger.

Padded seats as well as armrests for a more enjoyable time on the beach.

Rust-resistant legs to move the chair in a few positions on uneven sand and yet remain durable for a long time.

Foot rest for being able to lounge and conform to your physical contours.


Well, this is the must-have feature for beach chairs. After all, you will be winding up everything quickly at the end of the day at a beach. This is why beach chairs should be light in weight so that you can even carry them easily and easily foldable for carrying them quickly.

This is a huge relief, especially if you are with kids and extra gear bags. The good news is that most of these chairs shrink down to backpacks that you can carry by wearing across the shoulders. Thus, your hands are now free to take up other things with ease.

Just look for a model that can become flat and small. Such a chair can go into your car’s rear side without consuming much space.


In the end, the best beach chair is the one that sustains a maximum comfort level across years without exposing you to environmental or usage risks.

The aforementioned beach chairs are among the top-rated ones with all the useful features and support for some accessories.

It should be now simple for you to choose the most suitable beach chair, shouldn’t it be?

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